Some words on "Time":

I am thrilled to announce my latest song released on iTunes and all music streaming sites. The lyrical imagery a bit graphic, but I hope maybe you can draw from it. Here is a bit about "Time": I mentally packed my daughter away to college as soon as my heart dared to touched her soft little head. But to push past the pain and get it over with, pushes past the beauty. What prompted me to write this? Many things related to the sadness of realizing you are "moving on" "normalizing." One incident that stuck out: a family friend was pronounced brain dead. For reasons (for which I am not one to judge) she was kept alive, and I heard of an afternoon of people going to have tea at her hospital bed. To me, so bizarre, but also so sad that they chose to carry on life as usual, I may have done the same. For those of us who castaway remains of broken love, or walk by a past lover in the street with the realization, 'I'm over that', or those of us who embrace the pills that take away out PPD. And for those going to a funeral of someone lost to horrible tragedy, having to listen to someone close to the deceased prattle on about traffic, Broadway, whatever. How are we not all collapsed in a heap of sorrow, always? I don't know, it is so hard to understand human resolve. I resolve to dig into pain when it comes from a beautiful root. ”

— Melissa

Previous events


"In The Can" - A Musical Fundraiser for Children's Aid Foundation

3030 , 3030 Dundas Street West, Toronto

When Toronto songstress Melissa Lauren found out she was expecting a baby, it was a wonderful surprise to say the least. But what came as more of a surprise was the instant shift from within: suddenly, everyone was a baby in need of mothering. As someone who always shied away from children this was a jarring adjustment. In an attempt to productively deal with the (sometimes disproportionate) maternal instinct, Lauren bringing her best asset forward, and calling on her musical friends for a night of song.

“In The Can”: A Musical Fundraiser for Children’s Aid Foundation will feature some of the city’s finest singers and songwriters showcasing some of their best new work. Taking Place at Hugh’s Room on January 19th the show will feature Laila Biali, Barbra Lica, Lori Cullen, Devin Cuddy, Alex Pangman, Genevieve Marentete, Ori Dagon, Whitney Ross Baris, Darcy Windover, Annie Bonsignore, The O'Pears, Jessica Stuart, Melissa and more, backed by a house band of Nathan Hiltz on guitar, Tyler Emond on bass and Dave MacDougall on drums.

The idea is to invite the singers to showcase a yet to be released song, workshop it so to speak, or debut something on it’s way in or out of the recording studio (hence, in the can.) “ These are some of my favourite singers in the city, and many have said they have the perfect song for this project. Some may even write something new…I would love to turn this into an annual event.” says Melissa. “ I have some personal ties to Children’s Aid, and this seemed like the right time to do a non-vanity project..finally! “

The Children's Aid Foundation is Canada's leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth involved with the child welfare system. It supports and delivers a broad range of high-impact programs and services that directly serve vulnerable children and youth across Canada. Its programs address the many complex needs in the four key needs areas of education, healing and recovery, enrichment and prevention. Children's Aid Foundation works in partnership with over 60 child welfare agencies and youth-serving partners Canada-wide to impact its target population.

With proceeds going to the CAF, the night will feature two sets of songs, some surprise guests, and a silent auction.
“The first time around, all I can hope for is to have some fun, support each other as musicians, and make some money for a great cause. As emotional an issue it is, I plan on making the evening fun, joyful and sprinkled with laughs.”

“In The Can” takes place on January 19th, 8:30pm at Hugh’s Room, 2261 Dundas Street. Ticket’s are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, and can be purchased by calling (416) 531-6604 or visiting


Melissa Lauren and Nathan Hiltz @ Free Times Cafe

 —  —

Free Times Cafe, 320 College Street, Toronto

Part of the new live music series, Melissa and Nathan debut a a set of originals inspired by their trip to Nashville, and some classic holiday tunes. Tickets $!2


Melissa Lauren and Ken Lindsay @ Cafe California

 —  —

Cafe California, 538 Church Street, Toronto

Backed by Ken Lindsay on piano, Melissa will sing a collection of their favourite standards, show tunes, and holiday favourites. TOGETHER AGAIN AFTER 2 YEARS! :)

Menu Soup or salad

Entrée: choice of salmon or filet mignon or lamb (for vegetarian dinner, please let us know in advance)

Dessert Coffee / selection of teas

Cost and Reservations: A celebratory evening with great food, entertainment and a friendly crowd, all for $40 (alcoholic beverages extra). To reserve, call Peter Skaliks by Wednesday, Nov. 30
at 905-880-5405.