*New Music Video Alert/Children’s Aid Fundraiser 

Hello all, in honour of Mother’s Day, and in keeping with the “homemade” vibes around our crazy virtual community, Nathan and I and Leah put together a video for my recently released single, “The Little Ones”. The song is about the the intense moment you when release your love to the arms of someone else, whether it be a daughter that finds her first love, or a lover that you let go to someone or something else. A passing off, knowing that you will still have a piece of them forever. 

(Of course…we didnt’ have a professional team, so please be kind…we are “au natural!”) I didn’t get to do my annual Fundraiser for Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada this year (it was to be pushed to late Spring!) so, I have included a virtual “tip jar” link:


50% of the proceeds will go to CAFDN Feel free to share with wild abandon ;) Thanks to Nathan Hiltz, for his camera work and editing, and playing, Johnny Griffin for the mixing of the song and recording, and Tyler Emond and Dave McDougall for playing on the track. And, of course, my magical little Leah. The video is available to watch on youtube, and the track is also available through the link in bio, on any platform you wish.

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Some Words on "The Little Ones":

I am thrilled to announce my latest song released on iTunes/AppleMusic, Spotify and all music streaming sites. This song was written for my daughter, although after touring it, I realize it can translate to any partnership. I never wanted children, but when she came along I was so overwhelmed with love, it took forever to write the perfect song, and reconcile the intense feelings. The lyrics are written to her and whoever she inevitably ends up loving as much as me one day. The sadness and beauty of loving and learning to release and let go. I'v LOVE hearing your thoughts and stories on how my music relates (or doesn't!) to you. Please do continue to share with me”

— Melissa

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