Some words on "Time":

I am thrilled to announce my latest song released on iTunes and all music streaming sites. The lyrical imagery a bit graphic, but I hope maybe you can draw from it. Here is a bit about "Time": I mentally packed my daughter away to college as soon as my heart dared to touched her soft little head. But to push past the pain and get it over with, pushes past the beauty. What prompted me to write this? Many things related to the sadness of realizing you are "moving on" "normalizing." One incident that stuck out: a family friend was pronounced brain dead. For reasons (for which I am not one to judge) she was kept alive, and I heard of an afternoon of people going to have tea at her hospital bed. To me, so bizarre, but also so sad that they chose to carry on life as usual, I may have done the same. For those of us who castaway remains of broken love, or walk by a past lover in the street with the realization, 'I'm over that', or those of us who embrace the pills that take away out PPD. And for those going to a funeral of someone lost to horrible tragedy, having to listen to someone close to the deceased prattle on about traffic, Broadway, whatever. How are we not all collapsed in a heap of sorrow, always? I don't know, it is so hard to understand human resolve. I resolve to dig into pain when it comes from a beautiful root. ”

— Melissa